" My Passion is Contagious" are words that Jason lives by. A 30+ year veteran of this industry has given him perspective that very few have. To be an expert you have to practice till you never get it wrong. That drive for expertise has pushed Jason from mens grooming Master to one of the most versatile hairdesigners we've seen come out of this area. No hair type or texture is too much challenge for a guy that eats, sleeps, and drinks hair design. Passion for hair turned into Passion for people. He realized early in his career that talent was never enough to be successful in this industry. You have to love people, when you do they allow you to be the expert and every service is better when the client gives up that control. Training each member of the A Jason Clemons Salon team also keeps Jason's passion flowing. His willingness to share and strong belief  that each person can be GREAT as long as they work for it has given the salon one of the greatest followings an owner can ask for. 


Please follow Jason on Instagram and Twitter @ajcsalon to see where his passion has him going.

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